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What is “Rising?”

“Rising” is a groundbreaking, Jazz-influenced chamber music piece based on Jewish prayer that is I’m guessing is unlike anything you will have ever experienced before.

What does the music sound like?

The music is shaped by Jazz, Classical and Pop Music with unexpected and surprising new songs and sounds. It is a take on the Classical Cantata form that makes it exciting, approachable and enjoyable for any set of ears.

What is it about? What might I expect to experience?

The subject of the piece is also unique. Imagine ancient, poetic prayers, (in modern English) expressed as an art form for anyone to relate to. At our live events, ancient and modern spiritual expression will naturally and joyously unfold through dance, art, storytelling, learning and the music of this Jazz-infused, popular chamber music.

Who’s featured in the music?

The Rising music/recording features the compositions, voice and Jazz/Classical guitar of Julie Lavender and the arrangements of twice Grammy-nominated Jazz orchestra composer and arranger, Kim Richmond, and a cast of highly acclaimed musicians from the East and West Coasts (including Bertram Lehmann and Eugene Friesen).

Here is what Boston area professional musicians and academics are saying about “Rising”:

“Julie has knocked this project into the next dimension. A must listen for all.”

(Scott deOgburn: Composer, Professional Jazz Pianist and Trumpet Player, Author, Professor at Berklee College of Music)

“A rare contemporary work where musicality and spirituality meet most effortlessly and unpretentiously.”

“Exquisite songwriting and lush, Jazz-inflected chamber music textures and the ancient power of Jewish prayer traditions.”

(Bertram Lehmann: Internationally Recognized Percussionist, Composer, Enthomusicologist, Berklee College of Music Faculty Member)

”Jewish prayers like they never been experienced before . . . and from a very unexpected source. This is uplifting music and poetic prose that can reach into any heart.”

(Rabbi Richard Nichol, Senior Rabbi of Congregation Ruach Israel)

“A scintillating blend. . .unique . . .never predictable. . . continually unfolds new musical ideas and surprises.”

(Ian Ethan Case: Composer, Innovator, Multi-instrumentalist and Candy Rat Records Recording Artist, recognized internationally for his mastery of the 18-string acoustic guitar and his visionary compositions.)

“ . . . a body of songs and movements that carry the spirit of freedom and worship to another level. Julie’s wonderfully clear singing voice and her ingenious and supple guitar accompaniments carry the day.”

(Kim Richmond: Twice Grammy-nominated Jazz Orchestra composer and arranger, educator and woodwind master.)