Produced and Arranged by: Mark Shilansky and Julie Lavender
Words and Music by: Julie Lavender
Paintings by: Julie Lavender

Contributing Artists:
Guitar and Vocals: Julie Lavender
Piano, Background Vocals, and Group Vocal, Horn, and String Arrangements: Mark Shilansky
Soprano and Contra Alto Saxophones, Flute and Clarinet throughout: Don Davis
Alto Sax and Flute on Shochen Ad: Dino Govoni
Violin: Sara Caswell
Cello: Catherine Bent
Accordion: Roberto Cassan (Ruach HaKodesh) and Sonny Barbado (Birkat HaTorah)
Drums and Percussion: Jordan Perlson
Bass: Fernando Huergo
Recording Engineering: Don Richardson, MidLife Crysis Recording
Mastering: Mark Donahue, Sound Mirror, Boston, MA
Photography: Jenni Wheeler, Jenni w/ an Eye Photography
Graphic Design: Jean-Marc Le Doux
English lyrics for the Siddur prayers were adapted from the Shabbat Shalom Sabbath and Festival Siddur (Aaron Eby, trans.; Marshfield, MO: First Fruits of Zion, 2008).
Daniel Lancaster and Aaron Eby: Todah rabbah for the wonderful Siddur, the encouragement, and the linguistic/contextual assistance you have given me along the way.
Don and Jenni: Thank you for putting your hearts as well as your incredible talents into this project.
Mark Shilansky: You brought this project to another level of excellence, I am so pleased!
To my husband, Mark: I am profoundly grateful for you! Thank you for making this possible. You always touch my dreams and send me off soaring toward them.
To my family: Thank you for being the music of my everyday life.